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Alex Murdaugh May Take the Stand Thursday

Alex Murdaugh May Take the Stand Thursday

It is possible that Alex Murdaugh will testify today in his trial for the double murders of his wife Maggie and son Paul, which would be a dramatic moment in the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro. However, conflicting reports have emerged regarding whether he will take the stand, as his legal team had requested the judge to limit the scope of cross-examination and the request was denied.

According to a report from local news outlet WCBD on late Wednesday afternoon, the disgraced legal scion is set to take a risky move by testifying for his own defense.

Former Law Partner Mark Ball Testimony Seemed to Help Both Sides

More drama occurred Wednesday evening in the trial when Murdaugh’s former law firm partner, Mark Ball, who is a witness for the defense, insisted that the voice on Paul’s video from the dog kennels minutes before the murders belongs to the disgraced attorney.

During cross-examination, the prosecution utilized Ball’s testimony to expose Murdaugh’s alleged dishonesty with the police. The defense, on the other hand, had Ball emphasize the flaws at the crime scene and Murdaugh’s strong familial ties.

Murdaugh’s purported lies to the police included his whereabouts before the killings, his disregard for his own safety and that of his son after the shootings, and his alleged embezzlement of millions of dollars from the family law firm.

New Netflix Series Focusing on the Murdaugh Family Announced

More bad news for Murdaugh arrived outside the courthouse Wednesday as a new Netflix series attempts to shed light on the power that the Murdaugh family holds over the lowcountry and on the 2019 fatal boat crash that killed Mallory Beach.

The three-part docuseries consists of three episodes: “Where is Mallory?”, “Murders at Moselle,” and “No Secrets are Safe,” with the first episode running for 41 minutes and the other two lasting for 50 minutes each.

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