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Biden’s New Year Resolutions: A Roadmap to Re-election


As the 2024 presidential election looms, President Joe Biden faces a critical juncture in his presidency. With the New Year comes the opportunity for Biden to set resolutions that could not only redefine his administration but also significantly influence his chances of re-election.

In a political landscape marked by internal party conflicts, global challenges, and an ever-evolving public discourse, Biden’s resolutions for the upcoming year are more than just personal goals; they are strategic imperatives that could shape the future of his presidency and the United States.

2/3 of Americans Diapprove of Biden’s Job Performance

A Pew Research Center’s report titled “Assessments of Joe Biden” reveals that only a third of Americans approve of President Joe Biden’s job performance, with nearly two-thirds (64%) disapproving. This sentiment has remained relatively unchanged over the past year. Among Democrats and Democratic-leaning individuals, approval has dropped from 73% in October 2022 to 61%. Republican approval remains low at around 7%.

Biden’s approval ratings are relatively low across most major demographic groups, with only about half of Black adults approving of his performance. His ratings are in the low to mid-30% range across different age groups, with slightly higher disapproval among adults aged 18 to 49 compared to those 50 and older. Educational background also shows differences, with majorities of adults across various education levels disapproving of Biden’s job performance, except for those with postgraduate degrees, who are more evenly divided.

Liberal Democrats view Biden more positively than conservative and moderate Democrats. A significant majority of Republicans disapprove of Biden’s performance, especially conservative Republicans.

Public confidence in Biden’s ability to handle key issues remains low, particularly in bringing the country closer together, with only 24% expressing confidence in this area. His ratings are slightly better, though largely negative, in handling economic policy, working effectively with Congress, and managing international crises. Confidence in his decisions on immigration policy is even lower.

Over time, public confidence in Biden’s handling of key issues has declined since the early months of his presidency, with notable drops in confidence in his economic policy decisions, immigration handling, and ability to unite the country. While majorities of Democrats express confidence in Biden’s abilities in most areas, there is notable skepticism about his capacity to bring the country together.

Here are five key areas where Biden needs to focus his New Year’s resolutions. How Biden approaches each could shift the narrative and be pivotal in his bid for re-election.

  • Political Strategy: Biden’s approach to governance and political strategy is crucial. The chaotic nature of the current Congress, with its internal conflicts and limited legislative output, presents both challenges and opportunities for Biden. His ability to navigate this landscape, possibly by capitalizing on Republican disarray, could be pivotal.
  • International Relations: Biden’s handling of international affairs, such as the situation in Israel and Gaza, could influence global and domestic perceptions. Effective diplomacy and foreign policy decisions are essential for maintaining international alliances and domestic approval.
  • Public Communication: Biden’s public communication strategy is another area for potential improvement. His recent casual remark about wanting to “come back next year” while on vacation in St. Croix reflects a more relaxed public persona. However, a more assertive and clear communication style might be beneficial in the run-up to the election.
  • Financial Acumen: How Biden’s economic policies are precieved by the public and their impact on everyday Americans could be a decisive factor in the election. “Things are getting better and people think things are going to get worse — and that’s the most dangerous piece of this,” notes Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster with experience working alongside Biden. Lake emphasizes that voters are seeking more than just a reduction in inflation rates; they are aspiring for a significant drop in prices, a phenomenon not widely seen since the Great Depression era.

President Biden stands at a plotical crossroads and the resolutions he sets for the New Year could be decisive in shaping both his administration’s legacy and his prospects for re-election. The challenges are multifaceted, ranging from navigating a tumultuous political landscape to addressing economic concerns that resonate deeply with the American public.

Biden’s ability to adapt, communicate effectively, and deliver tangible results will be critical in swaying public opinion and securing voter confidence. As history has shown, the actions and strategies adopted by a president in the face of adversity can leave an indelible mark on their tenure and the nation’s trajectory. For Biden, the coming year presents both formidable challenges and unique opportunities to redefine his presidency and reaffirm his leadership on the national and global stage.

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