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Many Say New Lincoln Project Trump Ad Goes Too Far

The Lincoln Project, known for its anti-Trump stance, recently released a controversial advertisement drawing stark parallels between Donald Trump’s rhetoric and the Nazi regime. This ad, part of their campaign to highlight Trump’s potential anti-democratic agenda for a second term, overlays Trump’s promises to target “rogue bureaucrats” and “corrupt actors” with historical footage of Nazi Germany, including scenes of Jews being attacked by Nazi forces and Nazi loyalists saluting. The ad concludes ominously, noting that such promises have been heard before, “but last time they were in German.”

Ad Faces Backlash

This bold comparison has sparked backlash, including from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The ADL has criticized the Lincoln Project for trivializing the Holocaust and denigrating the memory of its six million victims. They’ve called for the ad to be pulled, urging against the use of Nazi analogies in political discourse. Abe Foxman, a Holocaust survivor and former ADL head, emphasized that while Trump poses his own set of challenges to democracy, comparing him to Hitler is an “over-the-top exaggeration” that trivializes the historical figure’s atrocities.

The debate over drawing parallels between contemporary political figures and the Nazi regime is not new. Previous attempts by various groups to liken Trump’s actions to those of Hitler have been met with similar criticism for trivializing the Holocaust. Trump himself and his allies have also invoked such comparisons, likening federal actions against him to Nazi tactics, further fueling the controversy.

This latest ad by the Lincoln Project underscores the deeply polarized nature of American political discourse. While intended to warn against perceived threats to democracy, it also highlights the challenges of using historical analogies in political arguments, especially those invoking the extreme atrocities of the past. The backlash from organizations like the ADL serves as a reminder of the need for caution and sensitivity in political communications, particularly when referencing historical events of such magnitude.

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