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Mid-Fifties Olympics for the Common Man

jumping puddle

I jumped over a puddle last week. Sure, it was only three feet across but I took the leap and I easily cleared over 2 feet of it. It’s weird when you hit the age where simple task take on herculean proportions and completion of those task become monumental personal achievements.

Here are a few of last week’s highlights:

  • Turned head suddenly: incredibly risky and often requires a fresh bottle of Tylenol
  • Woke up without stabbing pain in hip/shoulder/back: sleep injuries are real and affect nearly 80% of people over 50 nightly
  • Rode my bike to Post Office, did yoga, and worked out in a single day. – sure the bike ride was three blocks but this certainly hints a a possible future triathlon
  • Pointed at a hawk – this seemingly simple movement often results in searing shoulder pain and can lead to other issues if you recklessly tilt head upwards to view the bird

As you age, your body undergoes several changes, many of which are degenerative and can be debilitating to your health.

But exercise can help slow these age-related health issues or even prevent them in the first place.

Sure the science for exercise is strong and maybe your neighbor just ran a 50k. But you can’t clear a four foot puddle without first landing in the middle.

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