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NCAA BUBBLE WATCH: Clemson Tigers Now Third Team Out

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New NCAA projections have the Clemson Tigers Men’s Basketball Team Eliminated as Third Team Out.

Record: 18-7, NET: 77, RES: 55.0, QUAL: 72.7

Tigernet breaks down what Clemson Basketball needs to do to make the NCAA tournament

Despite starting the league play with a 10-1 record, Clemson’s hopes for an ACC auto bid have been dashed as they have lost their last three games to Boston College, Miami, and North Carolina. Although they have some respectable wins against Duke, NC State, Penn State, Pitt, and Virginia Tech, these are not enough to offset their bad losses to Loyola-Chicago, South Carolina, and Boston College.

Clemson’s chances of making it to the tournament are slim, and a loss to Florida State or Louisville this week would likely eliminate them from the NCAA Tournament for a second straight year.

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