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New Poll Shows Voters Care Most About Three Things: Democracy, Inflation, and Immigration


A recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National poll has unveiled that when it comes to the upcoming November elections, American voters are primarily focused on three critical issues: preserving democracy, managing inflation, and addressing immigration.

Democracy at the Forefront of Voters’ Minds

At the heart of American voters’ concerns is the preservation of democracy, with 29% identifying it as their top priority. This issue resonates across party lines, albeit with distinct emphases: a notable 44% of Democrats view it as their most crucial voting issue, reflecting profound apprehensions about the health of democratic institutions in the U.S. Independents, too, show a strong inclination towards this issue, with 33% prioritizing it, underscoring its widespread relevance across the political spectrum.

A recent Gallup poll indicates that only 28% of Americans are satisfied with the way democracy is functioning in the United States. This figure represents a significant decline from the previous low of 35%, recorded shortly after the January 6 Capitol riot in 2021.

Economic and Social Challenges: Inflation and Immigration

Close on the heels of democracy, inflation emerges as a significant concern for 24% of the electorate, pointing to the persistent economic challenges that many Americans face, from escalating living costs to financial uncertainty. Immigration stands out as another pivotal issue, with 22% of voters placing it high on their agenda. The poll highlights a pronounced partisan split on immigration, with 44% of Republicans marking it as their top concern, indicating the party’s emphasis on border security and immigration reform.

The Diverse Priorities of Independent Voters

Independent voters, often regarded as a key demographic in swaying election outcomes, exhibit a varied set of concerns. Beyond the 33% who place a premium on democracy, a significant portion of independents are also focused on immigration and inflation. This variety in priorities reflects the nuanced perspectives within this group, suggesting their potential to influence the election based on the candidates’ responses to these issues.

The Election Landscape Shaped by Key Voter Concerns

The insights from the NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National poll shed light on the priorities dominating the American electorate’s mindset as the general election looms. The emphasis on preserving democracy, coupled with the economic anxiety signified by inflation and the social implications of immigration, outlines the critical issues candidates must address to resonate with voters.

The prominence of democracy as a concern among Democrats and its significance to independents highlight the ongoing discourse on the state of U.S. democracy, which is expected to play a central role in the election narrative. Meanwhile, the Republican focus on immigration underscores the enduring partisan divide on this matter.

As the election draws near, the ability of candidates to navigate these concerns will be crucial in swaying voter preferences. The poll’s findings underscore a complex electoral landscape, where addressing national challenges and catering to the electorate’s diverse priorities will be key to securing voter support in the November elections.

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