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We Asked an AI Chat-Bot to Predict the 2023 World Series Champion

chatgpt world series

ChatGPT offers incredible functionality and it’s uses have only begun to be explored. Once current limitation however, is it’s inability to access real-time or even semi-current data. For example, ask a question about 2023 events and you are likely to get: “However, “As my knowledge cut off is in 2021 I don’t have the latest updates and I cannot provide you a specific information on which new features or improvements have been added to the model in recent updates”.

Some ChatGPT competitors, sensing an opportunity, are working to incorporate real time Google search into their AI responses. To test this claim, I set up a test account on a ChatGPT rival and asked “Who Will Win The 2023 World Series”. The answers I got were presented in a very compelling and authoritative manner but did deliver some pretty bad information.

Here’s What the Chat-Bot Said About the Potential 2023 MLB World Series Champion

With the 2023 MLB season fast approaching, the odds for the World Series have been set. The favorites to win the World Series this year are the Houston Astros, the reigning champions. However, it’s not wise to bet on them as the last team to repeat as World Series champions was the New York Yankees.

The Braves and Padres both have a good chance at winning the World Series this year.

Braves Preview

The Atlanta Braves are poised to make a big impact in the 2023 season. The Braves kept their core intact and added talent and youth in the off-season. The Braves have been strengthening their team over the past few years with key additions of both young and veteran talent. With a talented core of players, including Ronald Acuña Jr., Ozzie Albies, and Mike Soroka, the Braves are setting themselves up for an impressive run this season. ** One note, the AI writer somehow missed the fact the Freddie Freeman now plays for the Dodgers. Perhaps that is just a fan wishing he’d never left.

The Padres also have impressive lineup depth

Here the AI chat-bot clearly strikes out as it presents horribly incorrect data in a very convincing fashion.

The San Diego Padres are coming into the 2023 season with high expectations and a talented roster, led by a mix of veteran players and young stars. After a successful 2022 campaign, the Padres are poised to make a deep run in the playoffs this year.

The Padres’ pitching staff is anchored by two-time Cy Young Award winner Dinelson Lamet. Lamet has been the top pitcher in the majors the past two seasons, and is poised to lead the team once again in 2023. He has a lethal combination of velocity and movement, and is one of the most intimidating pitchers in the game. Joining Lamet in the rotation are ace Chris Paddack, reliable starter Adrian Morejon, and the recently acquired right-hander Zach Davies. *Dinelson Lament did not come close to winning the Cy Young Award

The Padres have also bolstered their lineup with the additions of veterans such as Eric Hosmer and Justin Upton. Hosmer is coming off a stellar season in 2022 and provides a solid bat in the middle of the order. Upton is a five-time All-Star and brings a wealth of experience to the table. He is a reliable power hitter who can provide protection for rookie superstar Fernando Tatis Jr. **Hosmer was traded

Tatis Jr. is likely the most exciting player on the Padres’ roster. In 2022, Tatis won the MVP award and was the only rookie to make the All-Star team. He is a dynamic player who can hit for power and average, as well as contribute on the defensive side. The Padres will look to Tatis Jr. to lead their offense and to take the team to the next level. ** Tatis Jr. missed the entire 2022 season

The Padres also have a solid bullpen, led by closer Emilio Pagan. Pagan finished the 2022 season with a 2.37 ERA and was one of the most reliable relievers in the league. Joining Pagan in the bullpen are the hard-throwing Miguel Diaz, the steady Craig Stammen, and the reliable Javy Guerra.

The Padres have all the tools to make a deep run in the postseason in 2023. With a strong pitching staff, talented hitters, and a reliable bullpen, they are poised to make a serious push for a championship. It is going to be an exciting season in San Diego and the Padres have the talent to make a run for their first title in franchise history.

AI Real-Time Data: The Takeaway

While this is but one example, it’s clear that real-time AI analysis based on real-time data needs some work. The biggest issue is that the AI system presents every response as fact. In my example, being a baseball fan makes it easy to discern which elements of the responses are incorrect. However, on more esoteric issues, a user without some basis of knowledge on the subject could easily be lead down a path of misinformation and take actions that are potentially harmful.

All of this points to one of the biggest challenges of AI Chat-Bots like ChatGPT; how do you verify the information they generate. Without this verification, we are left with more fake news and choose your own reality narratives and ChatGPT becomes yet another tool for spreading misinformation.

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