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What Are the Actual Population Trends for Folly Beach?

According to the Vote No contingent, Folly Beach residences have grown 2% per year since 2015. While this is a true statement, it is a classic example of cherry picking data to support one’s argument. When you look at overall full-time population numbers for Folly Beach since 2010, you get a much different picture of the number of people calling Folly Beach their full-time home.

Based on the latest 2022 data from the US census, the current population of Folly Beach is 2,056.

What was the peak population of Folly Beach?

The peak population of Folly Beach was in 2010, when its population was 2,617.

Folly Beach’s population is currently 21.4% smaller than it was in 2010 and 6.0% smaller since the year 2000.

In fact, Folly Beach’s growth is below average. 63% of similarly sized cities are growing faster since 2000. If the STR market is not capped, we can easily expect Folly’s full-time population to decrease further.

As I stated previously, this vote is about preserving the Folly we all love. Do we remain a community or do we become a resort?

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